what is biblonia?

The ‘about page’ is the least likely blog page readers ever read, so if you’re here, you’re either lost or you’re one of those low numbers in the blog-stats, and one I will try not to disappoint.


I started this blog many years ago, but its life really took off on 24 August 2019. While on the beach in Cannes and with nothing better to do than to churn out another post about medieval books, I decided not to let a day pass without opening my mouth online, so to speak (not that I’ve ever been able to keep quiet, on- or off-line). Why? I’m not sure, it was perhaps a mixture of adding some routine to my life and a feeling that this would be the best medium for what I have to say.

So this buzzing little blogging corner was born. Buzzing – that’s wishful thinking, obviously, but things look a bit better every day.

If you have the slightest interest in books – not necessarily reading them, but reading about reading them – OK, I’ve lost you – then there might be something for you here. I am trained as a medievalist, a historian specialising in the Middle Ages, so my mind often drifts in that direction. On this blog, however, I write about anything to do with books, reading, writing, the history of books, reading and writing, and anything else which inspires me on the subject of books, rea…, but you get the idea.

I observe three blogging rules:

Rule no. 1: Keep it short. My blogposts average out around 250 words. There is the occasional 500 worder, but that’s not very common. Have you heard the expression: ‘She slept like a blog?’ If you find the posts too short, then why not start reading some of the previous posts?

Rule no. 2: Try to engage. If you’ve come here for a lecture in whatever this website has to offer, then I know a few other websites where you might be better served. This blog lives and dies by two human reactions: the exclamation point – ‘WOW, I didn’t know that, how cool’; and 2, the head-scratch – ‘HMM, I never thought of it that way’. Make it relevant, make it clear.

And Rule no. 3: Consistency: A post comes out daily like your morning croissant, 10am on weekdays and 12pm on weekends. I sometimes mess it up and a post might come out at midnight, only because I can’t tell the difference between am and pm, just like, growing up, I couldn’t tell the difference between a landfill and my bedroom. If you keep visiting with matching consistency, why not sign up for an email shot instead?

Oh, and before I forget, check out Manuscriptorium, my Facebook page devoted to medieval manuscripts and pretty pictures.

That’s it. Enjoy and feel free to drop me a line below for any queries or comments. I’m known to appreciate a compliment and to learn from criticism, often too slowly than I should. But I do smile back. I always love to read your comments and I always write back.

4 thoughts on “what is biblonia?

  1. Recent I found an early seventeenth century group of 12 indentical bi-folium, all with the same printing mistake printer, printed twi versos on each side. really a quite interesting mistake, it is now among the rarebooks collections of University of Texas Austin.


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