Lived experience

We don’t live in three dimensions. We live in experience dimension. The only way we know.

We don’t experience the world in 3D, we experience it. We can never tell the difference between one, two or three dimensions, even a 2D image is experienced just like a 3D object, because we experience it in the world, whether on a piece of paper or on a screen.

A point of view implies a viewer.

Language sometimes overreaches itself. When it does, we should suspend it and view each other.

There is no objective point of view because every point of view is that of a subjective viewer, a subjective mind. The only view from above is that of an object, which is not really a view at all, for no object can ever just be an object, if it were to have a point of view.

The book in front of me has an objective reality, but I can only discover it through my subjective experience of it, whether by seeing or touching. I can use a sensor or a camera to reveal its existence, but then I ultimately experience the sensor or the camera, which is the same thing.

I cannot escape my own subjectivity. It’s a given, it’s thrown there with me, into the world, and I am it. Nor would I wish to be rid of it. Without it I’d cease to be a viewer, and my self would collapse into pure objectivity, where there is nothing but silence.

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