A blogging adventure

Exactly a year ago I made the decision to revive this blog by posting a short article every day. My blogging adventure began with a promise: not to let a day pass without sharing a thought, an idea, a musing, however banal, about history, culture and the challenges of our late modernity.

The road has been long but gratifying. The challenge to find a topic each day, to build a readership, to captivate a few fellow travellers, has been more rewarding than I initially thought. There have been days spent staring at the blank screen, brief moments of creative panic as topics failed to present themselves or the fear of irrelevancy or triviality loomed large. But it paid off.

The process has also been a journey of self-discovery and growth. I learned about my readers as well as about myself. I understood what constitutes a gripping story and what doesn’t. I learned a lot about discipline and resilience, as I struggled to keep the dailies coming in every single day of the year, come rain or come shine. What began as a rather crude self-ativistic project ended in a desire to keep my readers interested, and I’d like to thank all of you who over the last 365 days have encouraged me to keep going.

So this anniversary post is dedicated to all of you who have subscribed, or who remember to visit this lonely corner every now and then. I couldn’t have done it without you, and I still can’t do it without your help, excitement and loyalty.

The adventure continues.

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  1. Thank you! Your daily chronicle has been very insightful and well written. I admire your talent for synthesis. Please keep the experiment going!


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