Home alone

‪Home alone is fun when there’s a pair of bandits free to roam the streets‬ looking for empty houses to break into when the planes are full of people travelling for fun. When the streets are empty because everyone is not locked inside, but somewhere else, in the pouring rain, lost in the city, waiting on some street corner for some mysterious car to take them to some house party filled with joyous laughter and exciting conversations.

Home alone is not fun when you’re watching the empty stage from a front-row seat in a vacant theatre. When you prepare for the assault though the assault never comes, and you’re left wondering why everyone’s gone, even those people you never liked. When you’re ready to start operation ‘Occupy balcony/garden’ but there’s no-one to challenge your squatting.

The world is gone home alone, but everyone is secretly waiting for that door to burst open, the street party to begin and for Buñuel’s bourgeois guests to finally leave the room after the dissolution of civilization.

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