A slight detour

I don’t know about you, but I’ve come to appreciate the momentary silence falling over our streets and markets. Provided it’s momentary, of course. Silence can be deadening, but enough of it for a short while can be assuaging. As outer noise fades, inner music can grow, and I always keep my door open. No knocking, no tiptoeing required. I welcome all bursts into my room, no questions asked.

I hope you will allow this slight detour from my usual activity on this blog, to cherish those moments which are very rare in affirming themselves. In crippled verse and poor skill, you may even seize my voice in the recording below. I hope you can forgive me – I promise it won’t happen again – too often.

Send your angels into my room one by one, that I may get to know them.

Send your angel of quiet, that I may cherish every sound.
Send your angel of freedom, that my shackles may vanish.
Send your angel of light, that I may blow the darkness away.
Send your angel of mercy, that I may forget about guilt.
Send your angel of hope, that I may chase despair away.
Send your angel of fire, that I may leave the ice behind.
Send your angel of wind, that I may be rescued from stalling.
Send your angel of water, that I may embrace the whole earth.
Send your angel of music, that I may be released from cacophony.
Send your angel of love, that I may forget the enticements of hate.
Send your angel of beauty, that I may marvel in my rags.
Send your angel of poetry, that I may recover the lost rhymes.
Send your angel of vision, that I may bring the light home.
Send your angel of eloquence, that I may find the right words.
Send your angel of desire, that I may know where I’m headed.
Send your angel of reconciliation, that he may plaster my wounds.

Send all your angels into my room at once, that I may be overwhelmed.

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