I learned two things today

Or it should have been: London taught me two things today.

1. Occupying a reserved seat on a bus entails a moral dilemma in addition to the willingness to surrender some of your freedom by vacating it if asked. The moral dilemma arises with the risk of putting yourself in a situation when it might become necessary to call upon judgment to decide whether someone standing might qualify for that seat, exposing yourself to the danger of unwittingly offending that person, by assuming disability, old age, pregnancy or something else. The best way to avoid this moral dilemma is to stand, especially when some forms of obesity are mistaken for pregnancy. This is empirical knowledge.

2. Wearing headphones on public transport was meant as a way to enjoy relaxing music or to counter annoyance caused by the chattering fellow travellers. It may also prove to be a succesfull instrument in preserving an optimistic outlook about the local urban population, which on some occasions is represented by the disgusting verbal outpouring of some seemingly respectable individuals. Yet when sheer vulgarity is only matched by a display of fresh tattoos and the invocation of memories of that Saturday night when everyone was bevvied to the utmost – one is compelled to seek (cognitive) solace in the cloistral world of the headphones.

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