Pascal and beyond Pascal

Pascal once said that Christianity is the only true religion because it is the only system that offers a true and satisfactory answer to two basic questions: “who am I” taken to mean the human condition, suffering and death and “How may I rise above it?” meaning the cure to our blight. Although this may seem in itself good apologetics, I say it’s incomplete. Christianity will only find its “true self” when, in pursuing these two aforementioned truths, it stumbles, as if by chance, on a higher verity: That the two former questions are of little importance once we know the Lord and come to give up our lives, in all that it means, to interest ourselves with Him alone. Human condition, the elixir of happiness, all shall perish before the clouds of divinity. As soon as we build our relationship to Christ, worship, serve and surrender all that we cherish to Him that saved us, only then will we be in the right to say we know what Christianity really is. And paradoxically enough, it is not what we do to get there, but the fact that we are brought there by God which really counts for our right relationship with our Lord.

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