Renaissance doorway in Vézelay, France, uphill to the abbey
The Cistercian Abbey of Vézelay with its stunning apse featuring primitive flying buttresses
The choir of the Abbey of Vézelay
The nave of the Abbey of Vézelay. Notice the polychromatic voussures in the doubleau arches
The west front and tympanum of the abbey of Vézelay. Some of the interior figurative sculptures have lost body parts at the Reformation
The doorbell outside the porter's lodge at the abbey of Fontenay.
Weathered crucifix outside the priory close at Fontenay to mark the rallying point for pilgrims and guests before being allowed inside
The church bell at the abbey of Fontenay. The church has gone through many transformations but the bell structure is still there
On the pilgrim road
One of the many abbatial buildings at Fontenay. Peaceful and quiet
Down the road from Champagne into Burgundy, lost track of where I was and what this is

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