The sort of ‘com-passion’ I’ve always longed for

I don’t like it when people feel sorry for me. Because I don’t want to feel sorry for myself. I don’t like it when they look at me with compassion, asking me ‘Are you sure you’re alright?’ Of course I am. If I say I am alright, I really mean it. I am not deceiving myself. I am not deceiving others. I am not hiding my true feelings under an artificially fabricated smile. If I smile, it is only because I am filled with joy.

I don’t say that I never suffer. Everyone who ‘has part with Jesus’ knows perfectly well what suffering is. As long as we are in this world, our suffering is perpetual. We have all felt on our backs the burden of the cross. Whatever happens in our lives, it can add so little to our pain. Do you think Jesus would have suffered more, if a fly had sat on the cross, while he was carrying it to Calvary?

But the thing is that however strong the suffering is, it still cannot compare with the joy. Just think of the force that was bending Christ towards the ground as He carried the cross. Can it compare with the force that rose Him up three days later? We would not be able to bear our suffering, were it not for the joy of being with Him and in Him.

Love of God what priceless treasure

Over all this world affords

To be His and His forever

This my glory and my reward

May this love beyond all knowing

 So capture my soul

That I’m filled to overflowing

With a passion for Him alone

If you think that I may be going through a difficult period, there is only one sort of a ‘common passion’ that can be of great help to me: rejoice with me! Shout with me the words of praise to the Lord!

But before… If you have something to tell me, do tell it openly. There are few things that can be as destructive for a friendship as the burden of unspoken words.

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