Everything joyful in life is bound to wither like, well, everything in life. Successes, no matter how great, unexpected, great in scope or rich in consequences are all subject to the same law of exposure and familiarity. Feeling joyful for anything that may happen in our lives will one morning turn to lukewarm excitement and familiarity, or exposure will kill the enthusiasm that once made us jump up and down in exuberance. Not the same with the joy we have in Christ. It’s expectation. He well knows we are liable to this natural law of decline (just like overexposure to an object causes perceptual intensity to decrease over time) and has given us the joy of life in him. It’s also a test of faith. Faith is knowledge and presence unseen, expected in trepidation. Can you still jump up and down when all the joy of the world is gone? If so, then you know Christ is in you, giving you His joy, like living water, never to go thirsty again.


Further reflections on the present of an everlasting joy.

What is the present? I start this sentence, knowing that the moment I started it is already in the past and it’s end – in the future. Now its end is in the past too. If we think logically, there is no room for the present between the past and the future. It would finally shrink to a point that has no length at all. Yet, we know that it exist, because we experience it. The present is not a product of our imagination – it is real. It is simply above the timeline. And beyond it. And all around. In the most blissful moments of our life it extends to embrace the joy that was in the past, as if there were no loss between now and then, and the joy of the days to come, as if its source were not hidden from us in the mists of the future… For we know that, in fact, it is the very same source from which our joy springs and sprang. The losses, the distances, the barriers do not count any more, for the present is at this moment as endless as eternity. Everything that was and is and will be is united within it forever.

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