Martin Luther on the Catholic Church

I just came across this troubling statement of Martin Luther in one of my readings. I had thought similarly a while back but to see it written troubles me greatly, insomuch as it makes a lot of sense, regrettably:

“I am persuaded that if at this time, St Peter, in person, should preach all the articles of Holy Scripture, and only deny the pope’s authority, power, and primacy, and say that the pope is not the head of all Christendom, they would cause him to be hanged. Yea, if Christ himself were again on earth, and should preach, without all doubt the pope would crucify him again. Therefore let us expect the same treatment; but better is it to build upon Christ, than upon the pope. If, from my heart, I did not believe that after this life there were another, then I would sing another song, and lay the burthen on another’s neck.”  (Luther, The Table Talk of Martin Luther, DXXXIII)

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