Wallachian dinar from the 14th century

Now this is my most recent acquisition. It is a silver dinar from late 14th century that was minted during the reign of Radu I of Wallachia.

Here are two photos and some characteristics:

Denomination: Silver Dinar
Mint Period: 1377-1383 AD
Condition: A well preserved VF+
Reference: MBR, pag. 14, tip 52-59.
Ruler (Great Voivod): Radu I (1383-1386AD)
Diameter: 16mm
Weight:  0.46gm
Material: Silver

Obverse: Split shield with coat of arms (three bars and sigla Θ) of the Basarab family inside an inner pearl circle.
Legend Tranlation: “Me Radu Voivod

Reverse: Walachian coat of arms – mountain eagle perched on a plummed helmet. Sigla (P) in left field.
Legend: +IONSRADOLVSL. Sigla P
Legend Expanded: IO RADOLUS
Legend Translation: “Me Radu…

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