How I spent the evening in Ancient Rome

Tonight I invited my parents for dinner in Trier, a small Rhenish town with a glorious past. It rose to prominence under the rule of the Roman emperor Constantine in the 4th century AD, when the city became the seat of the Gallic prefecture. However, in what follows I shall not deal with the town’sContinue reading “How I spent the evening in Ancient Rome”

Back to ludic Forum Julii

A visit to Fréjus would be incomplete without a tour of the amphitheatre and a chase after the aqueducts, all the more so when the latter are known to have extended 30km outside the city into the neighbouring hills where two springs was being diverted. The amphitheatre was the object of a dig for manyContinue reading “Back to ludic Forum Julii”

There’s more to San Rafeu than meets the eye

One of the chief blessings of spending time in Provence is getting to explore its Roman and Romanesque heritage. Today I wandered through the streets of St Raphael, that locals call St Raph but I call “Sân Rafaelică fără frică” (rom. for fearless St Raphael), that is fear of capsizing under the weight of itsContinue reading “There’s more to San Rafeu than meets the eye”