The ghost of Rochester castle, 1215-2013 (part I)

Tomorrow is siege day! A group of enthusiastic medievalists from King’s College (with reinforcements from all around London and even Oxford University) are chasing down the early history of the 1215 barons’ war all the way to Rochester. We plan to set camp outside the castle, ┬áin expectation of a day-long siege. First stop, theContinue reading “The ghost of Rochester castle, 1215-2013 (part I)”

The 1215 siege of Rochester Castle

Rex iterum refectis copiis armatorum, V idus Octobris (Sunday, 11 October 1215), die Dominica, Roffensem civitatem improvisus occupavit et ingressus castellum obsedit, machinis multimodis obsessos infestans. Erant autem in castello praecipui Willelmus de Albegni, et Reginaldus de Cornhulle, Willelmus de Amesforde, et alii plures nobiles cum plus quam centum militibus et servientibus, ac balistariis stenuisContinue reading “The 1215 siege of Rochester Castle”