Prose and cons

  Prose is everywhere. In the newspapers on the morning table, in the school essays on the teacher's desk, in the novels we read, in the announcements on public transport, in nearly every piece of writing and verbal performance. But most of all, prose goes unnoticed, because it is everywhere. Verse, on the other hand,... Continue Reading →

Classical anti-classicism

For the ancient Romans, the past was dominated by Greece and Greek classicism, just like the Renaissance and most of our modern period were dominated by classical antiquity. In fact, our modern love affair with the classical past and classical authors starts with the Paduan scholar and poet Lovato Lovati (1241–1309). He wrote: 'Do you despise... Continue Reading →

Ovid for our time

January etymologically both closed and opened its doors nearly a month ago, for Janus has two heads, one looking back at the forgone year, one looking forth, to new beginnings, like Bilbo Baggins... Now that February too is almost spent, I thought I'd entertain you in some well-seasoned Ovid: January is done, and the year... Continue Reading →

Dragoste interconfesională în Spania musulmană

Acum că am părăsit Andaluzia și trecutul ei maur, voi incheia seria de visare umeiado-almohado-almoravidă cu două postări. Prima dintre ele, cea de față, privește o poveste de dragoste dintre un poet musulman, Ibn al-Haddad din Alméria secolului al XI-lea și o creștină pe nume Nuwayra, pe care unele izvoare o prezintă ca fiind o măicuță... Continue Reading →

Yeats rides the tube to Innisfree

No amount of parks, gardens and recreation areas in London can put out from my heart the hankering for the lost patch under the sun. And the more it rains, as it has for the last couple of weeks - the more I feel at one with the trecherous sun and its guilty accomplices, of... Continue Reading →

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