A different kind of tourism

It is often said that the origins of modern tourism go back to the medieval European pilgrimage. Many people travelled in the Middle Ages, but out of all the eligible categories, the pilgrim is often singled out as the ancestor of the tourist and holidaymaker. Not the warrior, not the merchant, not the itinerant student,... Continue Reading →

‘Why do you bend your body, held captive before silly statues and earthly pictures? God made you upright’: Claudius of Turin’s iconoclasm

Claudius of Turin was one of those 9th-century Catholic bishops who stood behind Byzantine iconoclasts and attempted to introduce their ideas into the Western Church. In his 'Apologeticum', Claudius condemns two sets of ideas: the cult of images and pilgrimage to Rome (perhaps any pilgrimage, as Claudius' ideas reach out to any form of sanctification... Continue Reading →

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