A Wiegenlied for us all

Guten Abend, gute Nacht, mit Rosen bedacht, mit Näglein besteckt, schlupf′ unter die Deck! Morgen früh, wenns Gott will, wirst du wieder geweckt. Good evening, good night, With roses adorned, With carnations covered, Slip under the covers. Tomorrow morning, if God wants so, you will wake once again.

Eric Whitacre on why British choirs are best

from gramophone.co.uk Fri 10th December 2010 Tuning, sight-reading, tone and knowledge - the secrets of a glorious tradition Eric Whitacre recording his recent Decca disc in London (photo: Alex MacNaughton) Gramophone's January issue asked an international jury to name the world's leading choirs, and then invited American composer Eric Whitacre to reflect on why the... Continue Reading →

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