Like the bees

Metaphors are inescapable. As humans, that's what we do. We create new metaphors, we find new skins for old wines. If ours is the age of the little bird tweeting on the branches of social media, then the Middle Ages were those of the bee rushing from flower to flower to collect the nectar of... Continue Reading →

Lost in ‘translatio’

You only get to invent the wheel once. This basic principle works in engineering as well as in art. Culture is a wheel in motion, and what was created, doesn't get recreated, even when it gets lost. It is merely rediscovered and updated. The long cultural shift from Antiquity to the Middle Ages (as we... Continue Reading →

Signs of the zodiac in a Christian perspective: Honorius Augustodunensis’ Imago Mundi

For the medieval man, the horoscope could not have an easy life within a Christian cosmology. However, the twelfth-century scholar Honorius Augustodunensis brings Christianity and astrology together in the earliest recension of his treatise titledĀ Imago Mundi. Have a look at his attempt to offer Christian legitimacy to the ancient zodiacal signs. It is impressive the... Continue Reading →

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