Near Life Experience

Everyone seems to agree that one of the casualties of this crisis is our interpersonal life. The first thing to die of Covid-19 was the handshake, which had long been seen as one of the guarantors of humanity's ability to close gaps between individuals. The handshake had been in the street long before the hug... Continue Reading →


As far as I know, pandemiology is not an English word nor has anyone hammered it out on the anvil of print or web forge yet. That's why I'm happy to claim it for myself and offer it to you. Pandemiology is the study of pandemics. As a pandemic is different from an epidemic, so... Continue Reading →


There are many objections raised against artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies. There are so many complaints, that they defy classification. Underlying many of them is fear. Not all fear is bad, just like not all fear is good. When it comes to artificial intelligence, there is the fear of turning over humanity to the... Continue Reading →

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