Titling the untitled

Just like the fish in the water that take the water for granted, so are we immersed in our culture(s) so deeply that we find it hard to imagine that things were once very different from what they are now. Imagine looking for a book that doesn't have a title, how would you ask around... Continue Reading →

Total control

From an economic point of view, the monastic scribal culture of (some of) the Middle Ages was autarchic. The writing culture in the modern world cannot achieve autarchy. You may write a book by hand, but you still need to purchase the paper, the pen and the refill/ink. Even if you're a book artist, you... Continue Reading →

The neo-scroll turn

We are so surrounded by books that we forget how revolutionary the emergence of the codex - the bound book made up of stitched sheets stacked together and enclosed between a case - was to the cultures around the Mediterranean and beyond. The book as we know it. Writing predates the advent of the book... Continue Reading →

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