12th century English taxation in action

Roger De Hoveden The Annals vol.2., 1198 AD   "In the same year, Richard, king of England, levied from each carucate or hide of land through­ out all England five shillings as an aid ; for the purpose of collect­ing which, the said king sent through each county of England one clerk and one knightContinue reading “12th century English taxation in action”

The coronation of Richard I of England

Roger De Hoveden (1174 – 1201), The Annals vol.2., From AD 1180 To AD 1201 (pp. 117 – 120) translated by Henry T. Riley, London, 1853   First came the bishops, abbots, and large numbers of the clergy, wearing silken hoods, preceded by the cross, taper-bearers, censers, and holy water, as far as the door ofContinue reading “The coronation of Richard I of England”

A 12th century overview of the island of Britain

Chapter 2 of Geoffrey of Monmouth's (1100-1155) "History of the Kings of Britain" : "Britain, the best of islands, is situated in the Western Ocean, between France and Ireland, being eight hundred miles long, and two hundred broad. It produces every thing that is useful to man, with a plenty that never fails. It aboundsContinue reading “A 12th century overview of the island of Britain”