The covering letter of a 17th-century font maker

As I was going through an interesting collection of manuscripts, I discovered a curious text handwritten on a piece of paper. The writing may be dated to the 17th century, but it’s not clear who wrote it or why. It is about the job of a font or type maker. That’s the person who designsContinue reading “The covering letter of a 17th-century font maker”

Jennifer Summit’s Memory’s Library: first impressions

Am reading in Jennifer Summit’s ‘Memory’s Library’ how early modern English book-collecting and library-building were driven more by politics than by antiquarian interest. The manuscripts’ ‘worthiness of preservation’ depended on their ability to advance different political causes. That would explain why so few manuscripts which survived the 16th century tidal waves of biblioclasm were discardedContinue reading “Jennifer Summit’s Memory’s Library: first impressions”