The political acrobatics of acrostic poems

Reading is a visual act because writing is a practice meant to be seen. Words appeal to the eyes, even though their final destination is the mind, where they are processed into meaning. I like to think that once humans invented script, they just wanted to play with it. Homo ludens, right? Otherwise, how canContinue reading “The political acrobatics of acrostic poems”

Fake news in history

Not every piece of disinformation is fake news. Not every falsehood qualifies as fake news. Deception deserves its independence, and so does fake news. The number one tautology is this: the age of fake news is upon us. We smell fake everywhere around us, we see a fake story everywhere we look. And why wouldn’tContinue reading “Fake news in history”

Una, două despre uscarea rufelor

Am crescut, ca majoritatea amicilor mei români, la bloc. Nu orice bloc, în nici un caz un bloc din cele care se ridică azi, cu intrare pentru persoane cu dezabilitati si  parcare subterană. Dimpotrivă, intrarea în blocul copilariei mele făcea uneori din orice om sănătos o persoană cu dezabilitați (mai ales iarna) iar subteranul eraContinue reading “Una, două despre uscarea rufelor”