Amazing city WI-FI

London is great and… wired! From my place at Barbican all the way down Charterhouse Street, through Holborn Circus, Chancery Lane, Fleet Street and the Strand there is almost uninterrupted WI-FI juice through the Cloud. Convenient and above all free!

The evil sheriff of Nottingham

There are reasons to believe that Robin Hood’s evil sheriff of Nottingham was called Philip Mark and was one of the foreigners John brought to England in 1207-1208 to supply key royal offices when he grew suspicious of his northern barons. Philip was from the region of Touraine in France.


apoetreflects: “The wastepaper basket is the writer’s best friend.” —Isaac Bashevis Singer I’d say it’s mine when I come down with a cold

Eric Whitacre on why British choirs are best

from Fri 10th December 2010 Tuning, sight-reading, tone and knowledge – the secrets of a glorious tradition Eric Whitacre recording his recent Decca disc in London (photo: Alex MacNaughton) Gramophone’s January issue asked an international jury to name the world’s leading choirs, and then invited American composer Eric Whitacre to reflect on why the…

Pre-Victorian English Christmas food

This is something I found lying on the web. ON CHRISTMAS DAY BRITAIN crackles to the sound of 14,000,000 roasting turkeys. Henry VIII takes the credit for being the first to tuck into a turkey for Christmas dinner – but Henry made a meal out of most things anyway. For more than 300 years goose…

The Romanesque symbolism of permanence

A poem of living stones. In their form, the Romanesque symbols are akin to clay pots. They contain, however, living water, the mystery of the Holy Grail. Carriers of ancient wisdom, they reveal the true Knowledge that prevents human death and radiate everlasting youth. In the 12th century, raw, virgin stone is deemed androgynous, which…