Book of mercy

Between songs like Hallelujah, Anthem and Tower of Song, one tends to pass over the Leonard Cohen of existential and sacramental poetry. And Good Friday seems to be the best time to remember a little book, a very little book indeed, of psalmic beauty. Cohen's Book of Mercy is one of his most underrated. Described... Continue Reading →

House arrest No. 1

I change clothes three times a day Not leaving my flat Saving appearances Living off the edge of a dream Or falling into disarray? Who knows, I don't. I try to stay civilised My limbs are shaking from the cold But outside it's sunny and warm, Words, who needs words We need hospitals, beds, A... Continue Reading →

A slight detour

I don't know about you, but I've come to appreciate the momentary silence falling over our streets and markets. Provided it's momentary, of course. Silence can be deadening, but enough of it for a short while can be assuaging. As outer noise fades, inner music can grow, and I always keep my door open. No... Continue Reading →

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