Screwtape in lockdown

A new letter has surfaced from the boiling depths of Sheol. Screwtape’s muddled signature has been found on the dismal document. We’re publishing it here for the first time. My dear Wormwood, It’s been a while since my last letter to you, and I fear you may be thinking I’ve forgotten about you, our missionContinue reading “Screwtape in lockdown”

Abandon hope, all ye who enter here

It’s written on the gates of Hell, you’ve heard about it. Dante put it there, but he will tell you it was already there when he walked through the gate, the sign staring at him, him staring at the sign, his courage fading, though the writing endures, despite the age of the place, a pandemoniumContinue reading “Abandon hope, all ye who enter here”

The codex leap forward

Papyrus scrolls are great for storage. They take up far less space than bound books. The rolled format provides better preservation than book leaves/pages. Scrolls are great for storage and for transport. They are however far worse for looking stuff up. In the end, it was searchability, not storage or portability, that had the upperContinue reading “The codex leap forward”

The confessions of a bookmark (final part)

Readers tend to forget that pages are like human skin, they are a depository of history, and I don’t mean history books. If read properly, a book becomes something more than what it has been before. Creases, soil, stains, the grooves in the spine, the furrows and wrinkles in the corners, these are indelible marksContinue reading “The confessions of a bookmark (final part)”

The confessions of a bookmark, part 5

Forgetfulness is my greatest enemy, by far. Although I often question my own existence, I am certain that I was thrown into this world for a clear purpose. So strong is this sense of mission, that I sometimes forget that I am also supposed to enjoy those nights when I lie immobile between the pages.Continue reading “The confessions of a bookmark, part 5”

The confessions of a bookmark, part 4

As I’ve told you, I like being what I am, a bookmark open to the heavens of knowledge, imagination and history. I like being of service to the reader. I never waste time while I lie within those pages. That’s when my work begins. The reader thinks that by putting the bookmarked book down, readingContinue reading “The confessions of a bookmark, part 4”

The confessions of a bookmark, part 2

I am lucky to be one of those bookmarks that are not attached to the book with a thread. This way I can travel to other books and see more than I’d be able to otherwise. I am not made of silk, but I wholeheartedly embrace the trade-off. Occasionally I worry that I might slipContinue reading “The confessions of a bookmark, part 2”

The confessions of a bookmark, part 1

I have travelled and seen lots of things. I have been to places people only dream of, and conjure up in their minds, places that might exist, or should exist, or can’t exist. I have enjoyed the company of so many diverse people, creatures, animate and inanimate beings. I have been privy to all theContinue reading “The confessions of a bookmark, part 1”