Screwtape in lockdown

A new letter has surfaced from the boiling depths of Sheol. Screwtape's muddled signature has been found on the dismal document. We're publishing it here for the first time. My dear Wormwood, It's been a while since my last letter to you, and I fear you may be thinking I've forgotten about you, our mission... Continue Reading →

A tale of two texts

Text is like skin. There is one on the outer surface, the epidermis, and another, the dermis, lying underneath. The two layers may be perfectly connected and aligned, limpid and percolative, or they might get in another one's way, blocking each other. There is the text on the surface, on the hair side, so to... Continue Reading →

The codex leap forward

Papyrus scrolls are great for storage. They take up far less space than bound books. The rolled format provides better preservation than book leaves/pages. Scrolls are great for storage and for transport. They are however far worse for looking stuff up. In the end, it was searchability, not storage or portability, that had the upper... Continue Reading →

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