Punishment for coin forgery in 15th century France

The counterfeiter is shown being boiled in this 15th c. manuscript from Toulouse. During the 14th and the 15th centuries, French kings effortlessly tried to reduce coin counterfeiting or “faux-monnayage” as the kingdom was expanding and the royal authority was being reinforced in the provinces.

Luxembourg chartulary to be digitised

I plan to digitise at my own expense and effort one of Luxembourg’s National Archive’s 13th century chartulary. The work will most probably begin this Thursday. Please come back to the WR to learn more about this ongoing project. I will post more about the nature of this chartulary later this week as I haveContinue reading “Luxembourg chartulary to be digitised”

Great collection of English charters

Great tidings for you all rejoicing historians! I’ve just discovered this:¬†Durham University’s medieval documents compilation website. Now this is great! A place to have access to both the charter and the transcribed text. It goes without saying that this webpage promises to be of great help to the beginner paleographer and manuscript studies student. ThereContinue reading “Great collection of English charters”

Champagne and Clairvaux abbey seals online. Charters too.

Sigillography enthusiasts will find this online resource both fun and useful. The French archives of the Aube department propose an online flash-based tool for showcasing the most famous medieval seals of the historical region of Champagne currently preserved in the departmental archives. Under the name “Sceaux et usages de sceaux” (Seals and the usage ofContinue reading “Champagne and Clairvaux abbey seals online. Charters too.”

The formal structure of a medieval charter

All paleography and manuscript studies book note ¬†how difficult transcribing charters and diplomas are as opposed to nice, smooth calligraphic books such as Bibles, treatises, books of hours, etc. However, such an effort is swiftly rewarded by an improved ability to decode almost all sorts of texts and documents. There are many reasons why thisContinue reading “The formal structure of a medieval charter”