A glimpse into 12th century Renaissance and medieval scholarship

You know how medieval writers can really bewilder with their “forward-thinking” and remarkable acumen. Sometimes they even show signs of modern scholarship. You would not expect them to look beyond the limit of their narrow society and inquire into matters which for them seem too lofty to be gazed at. Take John of Worcester, oneContinue reading “A glimpse into 12th century Renaissance and medieval scholarship”

Vernacular song in English, c. 1170

While researching for my MA thesis, I have come across a nice passage in Roger of Wendover’s chronicle (mid-13th century) quoting a vernacular English song (“canticum illud Anglico idiomate”) whose composition Roger ascribes to the early 1170s and mentions in connection with an apparition of the Virgin to St. Godric. He then gives the LatinContinue reading “Vernacular song in English, c. 1170”

UK riots: the erosion of morality is responsible, says the Bishop of Manchester

By The Rt Revd Nigel McCulloch, bishop of Manchester 7:30AM BST 14 Aug 2011, The Telegraph I shall never forget the scenes of destruction I saw in Manchester on Wednesday morning. Not even Northern determination to get things back to normal could disguise the thuggery of the night before. For hours I talked with shopkeepers, metContinue reading “UK riots: the erosion of morality is responsible, says the Bishop of Manchester”

Facebook should make some changes

One of these changes ought to be the way we acknowledge a FB post. Instead of “liking” it, we could simply “think it relevant” or “acknowledge it” or “take heed of it” or “consider it”. This would certainly avoid those awkward situations and circumstances when the post cannot warrant a “like” statement. And in theContinue reading “Facebook should make some changes”