‘You’re dead to me’

We’ve been blocking undesired and uninvited people in our lives long before Facebook, Twitter or Whatsapp put us in charge of the block killswitch. Sometimes, we can go so far as to eliminate someone from our lives so completely that we’d even escape the dreaded ‘you’re dead to me’. There’s no worse block than that. … Continue reading ‘You’re dead to me’

Peer-to-peer libraries

There are private libraries and there are public libraries. Walk-in libraries and appointment-only libraries. Libraries that are easy and fun to use and libraries where you only go to when you really need to. Whatever they are, libraries are institutions, places of permanence and stability. Historically, libraries emerged in places that were least likely to … Continue reading Peer-to-peer libraries

Word and attention scarcity

The Twitter revolution is yet to show its full ramifications. We’re beginning to see some of its more significant effects, such as a president’s ability to shortcut traditional channels and effectively rule by tweets, careers made and unmade after someone twitting a 280-character text; divisions between the public and private spaces being disrupted, with Twitter … Continue reading Word and attention scarcity