Where the streets have no name

An idealist’s worst enemy is reality. The lyrics of U2’s song ‘Where the streets have no name’ may have been inspired by the segregated streets of 80s Belfast, where each street had a religious-economic identity. But 40 years later, we’re far from releasing our streets from the grip of power struggles. There are calls forContinue reading “Where the streets have no name”

Early adopters and early leavers

We like to talk about early adopters, but what about early leavers? Getting onboard is great, but getting offboard before the ship starts to sink is even better; or jumping ship causing the ship to go down. Adoption of an exciting new technology is always desirable. Some technologies, ideas, products take off, others don’t, andContinue reading “Early adopters and early leavers”


Surely there must be a circle in Hell reserved for literary critics who maliciously misread Dante.  John Carey’s discussion of Dante Alighieri in his latest book, A Little History of Poetry (Yale, 2020) has little on fairness, while being quite big on latter-day moralism. To wildly paraphrase Ben Johnson, A Little History has, at leastContinue reading “Dantephobia”