Logistics sounds very much like logic, but I’ve always wondered that the logistics of a thing don’t necessarily require logic. In my experience, actually, logistics runs counter to logic

In fact, logistics has nothing to do with logic. It’s all about troops. The word goes back to the French ‘logis’ for lodging, but in a military context. Strategy and tactics is built into it.

The art of logistics is the art of quartering troops. Preparation is everything. It’s a measured approach, and that makes it logic, but that is a morphological accident, an etymological coincidence. Before the attack or the defence, plans must be drawn up, nothing can be left to chance.

‘Logistics’ may come from the French, as does the ‘lodge’ of ‘lodging’, but their ancestor is the Proto-Germanic word laubja meaning ‘shelter’, perhaps, as some scholars have claimed, a shelter made of leaves or bark. The Proto-Indo-European root of the word leaf is leub(h)-, related to laubja. The Indo-European peoples of the Eurasian steppes would have overseen the detailed organization and implementation of the complex operation of arranging the tree branches and the leaves into an effective refuge. 


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