100 years of EHR

The English Historical Review is the most prestigious academic journal on English history. I was wondering how many articles are concerned with the 11th-13th centuries in England (1066-1125). Below there is a table listing all articles from 1900 to the present June-2010 issue of the review. I will soon update this page with statistics. This is, I believe, a useful tool for those who are about to research a certain topic in Norman-Angevin English history and would like to know who wrote what in the last century. One impression that I got was that there weren't too many articles on this period, at least not as many as there are in the French Annales. This is cause for both rejoice (the goldmine is not yet empty) and concern. As I'm writing my research proposal for my Master's next year, I really found this small research to be valuable.

[table id=1 /]

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