Prices in Medieval England

I’ve just come across a great article showing generic prices from the mid-15th century. The article can be found here.

The list is rich but of course not exhaustive and the prices should be regarded with caution. It is nonetheless a useful tool particularly for understanding differences in prices across objects, services, wages. Below I’ve selected some wage examples for different economic activities and professions to give you an idea of medieval earnings across social strata.

Money goes as follows:
 1 pound (L) = 20 shillings (s)
 1 shilling = 12 pence (d)
Profession                      Wage        Date
  knight banneret               4s/day      1316
  knight                        2s/day       "
  man-at-arms or squire         1s/day       "
Regular Army
  Esquires, constables, and
    centenars                   1s/day      1346
  Mounted archers, armored
    infantry, hobilars,
    vintenars                   6d/day       "
  Welsh vintenars               4d/day       "
  Archers                       3d/day       "
  Welsh infantry                2d/day       "
  Captain                       8s/day      late 16 cen
  Lieutenant                    4s/day        "
  Ensign                        2s/day        "
  Drummer or trumpeter          20d/day       "
  cavalryman                    18d/day       "
  infantry                      8d/day        "
Laborer                         L2/year max c1300
Crown revenues (at peace)       L30 000     c1300
Barons per year                 L200-500+   c1300
Earls  per year                 L400-L11000 c1300
Sergeant at Law (top lawyer)    L300/year   1455
Chief armorer                   26s 8d/month 1544
Other armorers in same shop     24s/month   1544
  except "Old Martyn" who made  38s 10d/month 1544
Apprentices in same shop        6d/day      1544
Master mason                    4d/day      1351
Master carpenter                3d/day       "
Carpenters' Guild stipend to
  a sick member                 14d/week    1333
Weavers                         5d/day, no  1407
Chantry priest per year         L4 13s 4d   1379
Squires per annum               13s 4d-L1   14 cen
Carters, porters, falconers     5s-8s 8d    14 cen
  grooms, messengers            per year
Kitchen servants                2s-4s/year  14 cen
Boys and pages                  1s-6s/year  14 cen
Wardens of London Bridges       L10/year    1382

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