Great collection of English charters

Great tidings for you all rejoicing historians!

I’ve just discovered this: Durham University’s medieval documents compilation website.

Now this is great! A place to have access to both the charter and the transcribed text. It goes without saying that this webpage promises to be of great help to the beginner paleographer and manuscript studies student.

There are only English charters available but they are remarkable by their quality and importance. Moreover, some charters feature a commentary from a historical and paleographical point of view.

However, this is a limited selection whose purpose is educational. I’m hoping for new additions in the near future.

Durham University went out of its way to provide the cyber-community with this great tool. The charters are sorted by year so it’s easy to see an evolution from the 11th to the 15th century in terms of structure, script, seal, etc.

A great website, once again, that I will be accessing heavily.

It should be noted that this website is largely similar to Sorbonne’s Theleme. For the French-speaking, the Theleme website is awesome. It takes transcribing and understanding all sorts of manuscrips (primarily French charters) to the heart. Highly recommended.

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